Katy Perry


Did Katy Perry subconsciously pick this coat because it reminded her of her favorite childhood TV star? Between the fuzzy covering and sun-like color, the look is uncanny; she's officially wearing a Big Bird bolero!

We can't deny that the cozy outerwear looks super warm, but comfort and fashion rarely mix, and this giant jacket is proof. It's almost like the "Unconditionally" singer was pissed that Lady Gaga got a Muppet special and is proving that she too loves furry friends.

But our issues don't stop at the bird topper. The blue striped dress isn't wildly flattering and the gold belt situation is way too '70s-inspired, especially with those tall, black go-go boots. She looks like a wacky sidekick in a kids comedy.

Which, if she really was taking a nod from the giant yellow icon, is a perfect choice. In that case, we just wish someone would tell her how to get to Sesame Street in it, without stopping.

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