Naya Rivera Images

There's a reason you don't see a lot of dark brown on the red carpet, and Naya Rivera explains it with one look.

The Glee star's dress color looks like a cross between two shades of dirt and something we'd sooner not say in print... We get the desire to stay away from typical, boring black, but there are a thousand other options aside from this chocolate-covered Donna Karan dress. Happy as the sweet brown confection makes us, we don't want it anywhere near our attire.

This look might be saved by a slightly less body-hugging cut. Something about the skin-tight take really does make it look like the recently engaged actress has been slathered in mud. And to make matters more dirty-looking, the browns don't even match!

We hope this isn't a hint at Naya's bridesmaid dress choices. Though, putting the girls in this color would definitely ensure they don't outshine the FOX star on her big day.

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