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Big names at the box office usually make a film big money, but that's not always the case.

In the past year, Adam Sandler's, Katherine Heigl's and Reese Witherspoon's movies didn't necessarily make a profit quite large enough to justify their salaries, which is why Forbes named these three the Most Overpaid Actors of 2013.

Per Forbes, calculations were based on the last three movies each actor starred in over the past three years ending June 1, 2013. Then they factored in each actor's pay with the film's budget and expenses to calculate a return on investment for each movie and then used the average of all three to get each star's overall return.

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So why was Sandler no. 1 on the list of overpaid actors?  Forbes points to Jack & Jill (in which he played both the brother and sister in the film) as well as That's My Boy (costarring Andy Samberg) for not faring as well as might've been expected. According to the site, Jack & Jill grossed $150 million, but cost an estimated $80 million to make. That's My Boy, on the other hand, had an estimated budget of $70 million and only brought in $57 million at the box office. According to Forbes' estimations, for every dollar Sandler was paid in his past three films, each movie returned an average of $3.40.

Heigl, Forbes estimated, returned an average $3.50 for every dollar she was paid, while Witherspoon brought in an average $3.90 for each dollar paid.  Other actors high on the list included Nicolas Cage and Kevin James.

For the full list of overpaid actors—and the ones who bring in more bang for their buck—check it out at

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