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It's midseason finale time, so start breaking out your black clothing because you're going to be attending a lot of fictional funerals.

In part one of its big two-part midseason ender, Scandal made a big kill, but even more surprising was the person who committed the murder. And while no deaths actually went down on Sons of Anarchy, one beloved character came super close to biting the dust and a fan favorite (literally) lost her head on American Horror Story: Coven. And we can't forget about all the deaths that went down in The Walking Dead's midseason finale now, can we?

But it wasn't all death and beheadings, as the small screen made time for some kisses and introductions, including a super hot hookup on The Vampire Diaries, Grant Gustin's highly anticipate debut as Barry Allen (aka The Flash) on Arrow and the sweetest rehearsal dinner surprise on How I Met Your Mother. Plus, Danny gifted the world with one of TV's best grand romantic gestures ever on The Mindy Project. (Le sigh. Still.)

Oh, and the hills were alive with The Sound of Music Live! on NBC, which brought in seriously awesome ratings and celeb tweets, and The Good Wife stunned us with a damn-near perfect 100th episode.

For more detailed play by plays of the big TV events that happened over the week, check out our Watercooler recap posts.

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