Following his appearance on a North Dakota TV newscast, Ron Burgundy ventured over to radio.

Will Ferrell went full on anchorman when he made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday, reprising his role as the faux San Diego TV news anchor to promote the upcoming Anchorman 2.

The funnyman was supposed to also make an appearance on Sportscenter Thursday, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, that was cancelled because of a press conference scheduled for Thursday afternoon (that later revealed Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston would not be charged with rape).

So far, Ferrell's Sportscenter appearance hasn't been rescheduled.

But, he was a riot when he appeared on the Dan Patrick show.

Check out the seven things you didn't know about Ron Burgundy:

Will Ferrell

Ian Gavan/Getty Images for MTV

1. He only has one maroon blazer: When Dan asked Ron how many maroon blazers he has, the anchor confessed, "How many? I wish more than one. This thing reeks. I've been on the bus since Tuesday. I'm not lying, but that's the beauty of a manmade fiber. You just stand it in the corner of a hotel room, rinse it off with a hose and you're good to go."

2. He considers Anchorman 2 to be a documentary.: When asked to describe the film, Ron said, "It's a cautionary tale, yet it's a story of redemption. It's the second chapter of my life—the chronicling of my life…yes, that is a word. Chronicling...I wish there was a documentary every year coming out about me."

3. He went to Harvard…junior college: When dishing on his college experiences, Ron admitted he had been enrolled at more than just one. "I went to Harvard…junior college in Waco, Texas…I was a Torero at the University of San Diego. Not San Diego State. Couldn't get in there. USC. Couldn't get in there. I didn't finish college and I got right into the broadcasting game."

Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Anchorman 2 set

Jose Perez/Splash News

4. His father is his idol: "I learned a lot from my father Claude Burgundy, growing up in Hagglesworth Iowa," Ron said. "My father would do the news in the town bar. He'd sit behind a desk even though it wasn't televised and just read the day's events."

5. He would take Dan Rather to a knife fight and Walter Cronkite to a party:  "If I could pick two people to have in a knife fight on my side, it would be Dan Rather and Morley Safer," Ron continued. "If you're gonna party, Cronkite was the best. Cronkite was an animal."

6. That is his real hair: "Of course it's my real hair," Ron said. "I take pride in it. It's basically the essence of who I am and without it I'd be nobody."

7. He's a legendary "cocksman": "If you look up the word cocksman in Webster's there's a very small picture of me...tiny," he quipped.

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