The Vampire Diaries

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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Thursday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The Vampire Diaries:  C'mon, we all knew this was coming. After an episode-long battle to help Stefan get over his PTSD (and rehashing old Elena wounds), Katherine moves in for the kill. Did we say kill? We mean kiss. Yes, Katherine and Stefan wound up passionately making out (and maybe more?) by episode's end. And guess who overheard all of it? Caroline. And she can't wait to tell Elena. And speaking of...

Damon and Elena are finally reunited, except it's in Maxfield's torture chamber after the doc drugs and kidnaps Elena, so it's not that romantic. Damon was a prisoner there back in the 1950's, and only escaped thanks to his fellow prisoner Enzo. But when Damon managed to take over Dr. Whitmore and escape, he left Enzo behind to die. Also part of his revenge on the Whitmore's is killing every descendant throughout the years. We found out in this episode that Aaron is actually a Whitmore, which explains why he was losing all his loved ones recently: Damon's killing spree. So no one is surprised when Aaron shoots Damon in the head when he goes to confront the Salvatore bro while he's in the cell with Elena. When Damon wakes up, Elena is gone. Where is she? Oh, just strapped to a gurney in the lab. And she's not alone. Enzo is there, too, very much not dead like Damon originally thought.

Scandal: Olivia spends the episode trying to get her mother out of the country, and with Fitz's help, she does. As she puts her mother on a plane to Hong Kong, Liv remembers something in a flashback that reveals that her mother was the terrorist that was supposed to be on the plane that was shot down, and her dad has been trying to protect Olivia from her the whole time. This is a big problem because…

Quinn, who spent the episode getting tortured by Huck, has been tasked with killing Rowan and she's on her way to do so with a syringe as they speak. But that's as far as we get with that situation. Guess we have to wait until next week! But that's not the only cliffhanger.

Elsewhere in the episode, James asks Cyrus for a divorce after the whole "being pimped out to Daniel" thing. Obviously Cy is crushed, but he sees the blackmail through and shows the photos to Sally. She calls his bluff, saying that Cyrus would never destroy his own husband. Just when you think Cy and Mellie's plan backfired, Sally calls Cyrus up at the end of the episode and tells him she committed a sin. What sin is that? Oh, just murdering her own husband!

Glee, Christmas epiosode

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Glee: Kurt totally hooked up with someone who wasn't Blaine! But wait, don't panic! Because this episode actually takes place in Christmas of 2012, hence the title "Previously Unaired Christmas". So Kurt and Blaine had just broken up, so he was single and obviously ready to mingle. And he mingled he did, with a hot shirtless santa guy named Cody he met at the mall while working with Rachel and Santana. Unfortunately, Cody ends up robbing them in their loft after hooking up with Kurt. He even bound and gag our poor little Kurt. And not in the sexy way, in the robbery kind of way. Lesson learned. Happy Holidays everybody!

The X Factor: Demi Lovato did not have a good night tonight as a mentor. First, Ellona Santiago got sent home because she got the least amount of votes. Then at the end of the night, Paulina Rubio, Kelly Rowland and Simon Cowell voted to send home Rion Paige. Demi voted to send home Carlito Olivero, but alas, she was outnumbered. Only four acts left!

Grey's Anatomy: April's sisters comes to town and are just...the worst. They are so bad that she ends up firing them all from her bridal party and replacing them with Meredith, Cristina and Arizona. Which means that Meredith and Cristina will totally have to make up by then. Yep, they're still fighting with each other. And somehow Matthew ends up inviting Jackson to their wedding, which you know is going to turn into a sticky situation down the line. Oh, and Cristina totally banged Shane.

But on the bright side Arizona and Callie are moving along nicely after Callie ends an argument by just simply planting one on her lady. They decide that they need to be fighting less and having more sexy times. Finally, Bailey is such a wreck that after Richard's urging, she starts taking OCD medication.

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