Bar Refaeli

Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images for Michael Kors

We love everything about Bar Refaeli's top. The tight shape hugs her flawless figure perfect. The cream lace is a gorgeous choice for the holidays and compliments her deep skin. We even love that simple white belt synching the waist.

And we feel the exact opposite about those matching pants... Yes, they're the same exact fabric and body-hugging fit as the top, but that's precisely our problem; it's way too much of one look.

The Michael Kors design looks like something an Austin Powers sidekick would awkwardly wear to fight crime. Skinny black pants, a matching cream cigarette skirt or even a flared gold fishtail bottom would work perfectly without giving us so much of the same thing. They'd make this Sports Illustrated supermodel look a lot less like a giant doily that grandma made. 

What's your say?

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Do you love or hate Bar's all lace look?
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