American Horror Story: Coven

Michele K. Short/FX

The only way to top the craziness that was American Horror Story: Murder House and American Horror Story: Asylum? Bring in the witches!

For season three of their horror anthology series, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk conjured up some seriously stylish and wicked witches in the form of Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts and Angela Bassett. And while this season isn't as totally bats--t crazy as Asylum, we think Coven is the perfect blend of shockers, fun and camp. Come on, whoever thought we'd get to see Kathy Bates on TV as a serial killer from the 1830s hitting up a fast food drive-thru with Gabourey Sidibe? (And audiences seem to agree as Coven is the franchise's highest-rated  season yet!)

Though we're only eight episodes into the season, AHS: Coven has already provided us with enough shockers, deaths and twists to fill our all-black hearts with glee for a lifetime or two (we're working on getting that immortality potion from Marie Laveau). So let's take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the craziest moments so far...

So how did Coven kick things off? By introducing us to Taissa Farmiga's character Zoe, who learns she's a witch after she kills a boy by having sex with him. Welcome to the coven!

Of course, this New Orleans coven is a dangerous one in which no one is safe. We've already seen multiple deaths so far (Missed you so much, Emma Roberts' Madison!), but luckily, we've got a swamp witch (Lily Rabe's Misty Day, a hippie with a love for Stevie Nicks) with the power of resurgence.

But it's not all death and killer vaginas as Coven has also provided us with immortal slave owners, zombies and a teen heartthrob version of Frankenstein (Evan Peters' back-from-the-dead frat boy Kyle).

Yeah, this isn't your grandmother's version of a witch show. (Oh, how far we've come from Bewitched!)

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