Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Tuesday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

American Horror Story: Coven: What's in the boooox?! We had serious Seven flashbacks when at the end of the episode, Marie sent Fiona… Delphine's head in a box! Blegh. She's alive, because she asked for help. So there is that. But uh, where are they going to put the head?

Before all that went down, Cordelia and the girls formulated a plan to get rid of Fiona. Basically, they think Misty Day is the new Supreme, and Fiona has to die for her to rise into power. The Sacred Taking ceremony usually means the current supreme takes her own life, but since Fiona would never do that, the girls decided to trick her into killing herself. Madison and Myrtle played mind games with Fiona, who has been getting sicker and sicker from the cancer, and they convinced her to overdose on pills. She agreed, but ghost Spaulding appeared and told her that she's been tricked and made Fiona throw up the pills. So, Fiona is still alive and well (for now) and we still aren't sure if Misty is the next Supreme of not.

Oh, and someone has been hunting down witches with shotguns and sniper rifles. It's most definitely Hank, unless a plot twist is coming our way. When Nan ran next door to rescue Luke from being tortured by his mom, the unseen gunman shot and killed Luke's mother. But then Misty brought her back from the dead while Fiona watched. Hmm… perhaps so the current Supreme could assess Misty's powers? Finally, Kyle managed to tell Zoe that he loved her, and Madison overheard their sweet exchange. First she looked sad…and then super pissed. Better watch your back, Zoe!

The Tomorrow People: Tonight's episode of The Tomorrow People was insane in the membrane—no really it was! Cara spent the majority of the hour sifting through Jedikiah's mind. We imagine he must have had one major headache after that gigantic invasion of privacy. Stephen and John also set out to find Aldus Crick, a young smarty pants scientist who used to study Tomorrow People. Aldus also took a particular liking to Stephen's father.

By the end of the episode the gang's main mission was to discover a place where the tomorrow people can hide away from the evils in ULTRA that are always lurking nearby—the problem is, they don't know if such a place could exist. But the biggest jaw-dropper of the night? We discovered (with a huge gasp) that John killed Roger. Nooooo!

Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Arrow

The CW

Arrow: As you al l should know, tonight Grant Gustin made his dashing debut as Barry Allen, the DC Comics character who eventually becomes the Flash. And guess what? Only one episode in and Barry is already part of the Arrow team! (Although Oliver didn't exactly have a say in the matter...) Diggle and Felicity were forced to bring the young forensic analyst (who is a total fanboy for the vigilante, by the way!) in on the secret after Oliver is injected with the serum that Brother Blood has been working on to give people special powers.

Of course, before the big reveal, Barry made some time to flirt with Felicity (which definitely rubbed Oliver the wrong way) and to drop a bit of backstory: His father was arrested for the murder of his mother, but Barry is convinced someone with insane powers (that a certain serum can provide) is responsible and is determined to find his answers in Starling City.

All of this was just an appetizer for the potential main course: a Flash spinoff series! The Arrow team is already working on it (and Gustin is in training), so we're curious to know what you thought of Barry Allen. Would you tune into a new series centering on his journey in becoming the Flash? (Oh and does anyone else love that Barry is always late? Hee.)

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