Joe Jonas


Make no mistake about it, Joe Jonas has nothing but admiration for Justin Timberlake.

When asked by NYLON Guys magazine if people associate him with the "Take Back the Night" singer, the 24-year-old singer smiled, but admitted he doesn't like the comparisons.

"I've heard it before, when I did my solo project," Jonas told the mag. "People would be like, 'I hear the Justin influence.' I'd say 'No! Don't say that!'"

"He's somebody that I respect, but I want to have my own identity," Jonas added.

Fair enough!

Jonas skyrocketed to fame as a tween heartthrob as part of the band, the Jonas Brothers, with his brothers, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas. But sometimes, he gets mistaken for being a teenager in school, since "Disney replays everything."

Not a bad problem to have, but even so, Jonas says he regrets not going to high school and experiencing that rite of passage.

"Yeah, there are certain things I wish I could've experienced, but it's all so little compared to what I did," Jonas explains. "That's why a lot of my friends are 10 years older than me. They've experienced life, and they're at the same place I'm at now, career wise."

Jonas recently opened up in a tell-all interview to New York magazine about his well-documented relationships with Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene, being branded by Disney, his experimentation with drugs and the loss of his virginity in the Dec. 9 issue.

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