Fast and Furious 6

Universal Pictures

Fast & Furious 6 has earned more than $788.6 million following its theatrical release in May 2013, and now the fast-paced action film will be available for purchase on Tuesday, Dec. 10. E! News has obtained exclusive bonus footage from the Blu-ray edition, which features Tyrese Gibson discussing the latest developments with his character, Roman Pearce.

"I'm a part of the mile-high fight club, but when that call came in—even in the middle of my party—it doesn't matter what I'm doing," he says. "I'm going to show up and contribute in a way that only I can."

"From back in 2 Fast 2 Furious, I've established that I have a problem with authority," he says of his character. "And I'm only the voice of the people, because Dom [Vin Diesel] has this voice that's so deep. It's almost like you can get caught up in what he's saying, like these strings just start playing. And then I come in like, 'Look man, you can have a deep voice all you want—I'm not having it.'"

Universal Pictures will donate of the proceeds from Fast & Furious 6—which will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, digital and on-demand—to the late actor Paul Walker's charity, Reach Out WorldWide.

"With the passing of Paul, the world has lost a man who spent a great deal of his life in service to others," says Donna Langley, chairwoman of Universal Pictures. "We keep Paul's memory alive and honor his legacy through continued support of Reach Out WorldWide."

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