The Voice's Top 5 Revealed, The Mindy Project's New Romance and More OMG TV Moments

Catch up on Tuesday night's best small screen scenes

By Jenna Mullins Dec 04, 2013 4:20 AMTags
The VoiceTrae Patton/NBC

Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Tuesday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The Voice: We're getting closer and closer to the finale of The Voice, which means tonight we had to say goodbye to two more singers to get to the final four. After another great round of performances, it was very tough to see the pool narrowed down, but when the dust settled Team Adam's James Wolpert and Team Christina's Matthew Schuler were in the bottom three. Twitter blessed James with an insta-save, so Matthew had to be sent home. This is how the teams look heading into the final four:

Team Adam
James Wolpert
Tessanne Chin
Will Champlin

Team Blake
Cole Vosbury

Team Christina
Jacquie Lee

The Originals: Klaus wants to prove that he won't make any more hybrids with his baby's blood, so he orders that all the werewolves be killed. Obviously Hayley is none too pleased about this, and she asks Elijah and Rebekah for help. All that bonding leads to an almost-kiss between Elijah and Hayley, who are simply torturing us with their maybe-maybe not situation!

In the end, Klaus realizes that ruling New Orleans is no walk in the park, so he asks Marcel if maybe they can co-manage the city? He accepts, but Rebekah intriguingly reminds Marcel of something that happened in 1919 that could make Klaus hate him. Hmmm...

Eddy Chen/FOX

The Mindy ProjectMindy officially has a new boyfriend… but it's not Danny Castellano, even though the duo shared an almost-kiss at the office Christmas party after her gave her one of the best gifts ever: He learned and performed the dance from Aaliyah's "Try Again" music video. We gasped.  We giggled. We swooned. Seriously, who knew Chris Messina had those moves in his arsenal?! And that chin stroke at  the end? We died and then were reborn solely for the purpose of rewatching that little move 10 more times.

But Danny decides to let the opportunity pass him by (Gah!), making way for lawyer Cliff to swoop in and make Mindy his GF, complete with the perfect kiss in the snow.

Sons of Anarchy: We know you're desperate to know what went down following Clay's death. Check out our full recap of the episode right here.

Line of the Night: "Sad is the cab driver mistaken me for Jaden Smith. I am heartbroken."—Mindy to Danny on The Mindy Project

.GIF of the Night: The Mindy Project again! Obviously we had to pick Danny stroking Mindy's chin during his big dance. Could they have any more chemistry?!