Lindsay Lohan, Playboy, Instagram


Sometimes for Lindsay Lohan, less is more.

In fact, the 27-year-old has been known to flash plenty of side boob on her Instagram page over the recent months and her latest snapshot is no exception.

LiLo posted a throwback picture from her famous 2011 photo shoot in Playboy where she's shown channeling Marilyn Monroe against a bright red background.

But unlike some of her earlier photos, Lohan exposes herself entirely by leaning back topless in the image.

Somehow she made massive side boob seem tame! (Miley Cyrus, take note.)

And while seeing the former child actress in the buff isn't entirely new, it still caused quite a few commenters to go haywire on her Instagram account.

Lindsay Lohan, Instagram


Several fans expressed disinterest (to say the least) in seeing her post naked photos of herself, while others stood up for the actress.

Earlier this month, the Mean Girls star uploaded an Instagram of herself smoking a cigarette in bed.

Lohan showed off a heaping helping of side boob in the shot, which was taken by her pal, photographer Rush Zimmerman.

"@rushzimmerman#foxhole," she captioned the photo, which was originally uploaded by the photog many hours before. Zimmerman also posted another photo of LiLo, again with a cig in her hand, but this time fully clothed in an all-black ensemble.

And both images come merely days after Lohan shared another sultry pic of herself in her bedroom wearing lace underwear.

Ain't no shame in Lohan's selfie game.

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