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Best. Performance. Show. Ever.

While it may be a bit too early to call The Voice's Monday night show, which featured 12 amazing performances from the final six contestants, the best ever, it definitely ranks within the NBC reality hit's top 10 episodes of all time. And while it pleased our ears to no end, it hurt our hearts because it means someone crazy-talented will be booted tonight. But it seems like we're more nervous than the contestants! "I'm trying not to be nervous and to just live in the moment, just have fun while I'm here," Matthew Schuler, who is on Christina Aguilera's team, told E! News after the show. "It's been an amazing experience. Whatever happens happens."        

Anad we caught up with all of The Voice's finalists after the show to find out how they are feeling about the upcoming elimination. Plus, we got them to dish on their coaches and celeb crushes...

Tackling a Christina Aguilera ballad in front of Christina Aguilera?

Not an easy task, but Jacquie Lee made it look pretty effortless. with her stirring rendition of "The Voice Within," which she dedicated to her coach.  "It was so special because you don't always get to say on national television why you're singing it and who it's about and stuff like that, so it was a great opportunity," Jacquie said.

And she admitted to us that she'll never get used to receiving compliments from the "Beautiful" singer, saying, "Whenever Christina comments on me, I take it in and it's always hard for me to believe she's talking about me."

And while Christina likes to hand out praise, she isn't as quick to push the "follow" button on Twitter, as her other contestant Matthew Schuler revealed to us that his coach isn't following him on the social media site yet!

"I'm still waiting for Christina to follow me! Maybe one day!" he joked. "No, she's the best coach in the world!"

As for their celeb crushes, Tessanne Chin was quick to gush over Idris Elba (Get in line, girl!), while James Wolpert, who performed sick last night ("Artists get sick all the time and they perform anyway," he explained oh-so-casually), revealed his crush on "the girl from Catching Fire" aka Jennifer Lawrence. Not a bad choice, eh?

The Voice airs tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.

To hear more from The Voice's top six, watch our interviews with them above!

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