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"Be the change you wish to see on the plane" is apparently the motto Elan Gale lives by—so much so that he's seemingly willing to go to great lengths to teach disgruntled passengers a lesson.

At least, that's what the Bachelor producer led us to believe on Thanksgiving when he set Twitter afire by posting his epic note passing battle with an alleged US Airways passenger named Diane who was complaining to the staff about their delayed flight.  

Gale documented the entire interaction on his Twitter feed, posting photos of each and every nasty note, and even took to Tumblr after the flight to clarify his intentions, writing how important it is to respect those in service positions and sharing how his first job was in a video store.

But turns out, Gale was simply trying to teach us all a lesson in kindness as the hilarious interaction with Diane was all a hoax.

"So many questions unanswered about Diane," Gale posted on his Twitter feed on Monday, Dec. 2. "In 15 minutes I will post the photo and hopefully we can resolve all this."

As promised, Gale's subsequent tweet featured a photo of the mysterious Diane.

Elan Gale, Twitter


"Here is Diana sitting in a chair," he wrote, captioning a shot of an empty seat, before adding, "Whoops. Meant Diane. Great time for a typo." (Side note: Diane in 7A also has her own Twitter handle.)

Jason Biggs and Kal Penn even weighed in on the hilarious hoax, with Biggs writing, "Saving a seat for Diane at next Passover dinner" and Penn tweeting, "haha even funnier to know it was just brilliant writing & execution, feeding inner-monologues of all the Dianes."

But of course, in true Elan style, he didn't reveal the real Diane before sharing some travel tips with his Twitter followers on Sunday, Dec. 1.

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"Today is a very busy travel day for a lot of people. Let's all be cool and help each other with overhead space and whatnot," he wrote. "My pledge: if you end up sitting next to me on a plane for the next year, and you are nice, I promise that I will offer to buy you a drink."

As for his final thoughts on the well-executed hoax?

"I conclude by saying hopefully a few people got a few laughs over a slow Thanksgiving weekend," Gale tweeted.

Indeed, we did.

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