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"Gunplay, a little bit of action," and the amazing chemistry between Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher, what more could you ask Santa for this Christmas?!

Fox is giving Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans an early holiday present this season as the hit comedy's Christmas episode airs tomorrow night and gifts us with the image of Samberg and Braugher doing the wave...while handcuffed together. Thank you, TV gods!

We've got an exclusive sneak peek at "Christmas," which features said dancing, plus scoop from the cast on the major action going down in the episode after death threats are made against Capt. Ray Holt (Braugher)...

After Capt. Holt receives "a number of death threats," Jake Peralta (Samberg) has "been assigned as his security escort," Braugher previews.

Peralta, of course, is happy to spend more quality time with his Captain, saying he's not surprised he was chosen to protect him. "I'm his favorite," Peralta reasons. Samberg says, "Jake takes it very seriously and uses the opportunity to wield his power." And star Terry Crews says we can expect "really, really funny hijinks" between Holt and Peralta. Which includes the wave, being handcuffed together and a verbal argument over how the word touché is pronounced.

But it's not all fun and hijinks as Crews previews the show is moving into "kind of a serious, Law & Order, Die Hard-type thing."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on Fox.

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