Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Lorde may need to rewrite her most famous song. The rising star may never be a real royal, but she's certainly dressed like one en route to a super sad event in this all-black ensemble.

Yes, the "Million Dollar Bills" singer is on a black carpet, but that doesn't mean she should dress to match. Between the single color palette, deep hair and goth lip gloss, she looks like the Queen Mum headed to honor a fallen family member.

That said, there's something incredibly chic about the shape of the New Zealand singer's gown. See how the bodice is structured to flare out with a mermaid-style skirt? And even though the top is total Morticia Addams territory, there's something really flattering about the simple crew neck and long cap sleeve.

We'd love to see even a single accessory to spice this look up, but if goth/glam was the goal, we say mission accomplished.

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