Roger Waters' Pig

John Shearer/

Roger Waters lost his pig, and would like him back, please.

The big pig is a stage prop that's two stories high, inflatable and was last seen floating away during the former Pink Floyd main man’s performance at Coachella Sunday.

Released during the song "Pigs," the pork dirigible, according to AP and NME, was scrawled with antiwar graffiti ("Don't be led to the slaughter") and an apparent Barack Obama endorsement.

(Question: Where was Hillary Clinton during the festival? Also, can pigs vote?)

As it escaped, Waters reportedly said, "That's my pig."

Instead of making rubbery bacon out of the thing, potential finders should know the safe return of the flying swine will bring a reward of $10,000 and four Coachella tickets for life. Email if you have information (though as of 8 p.m. Monday night emails were bouncing back).

No reports suggest the pig said, “Th-th-that’s all, folks” before heading off toward the dark side of the moon, but we’d like to think it did.

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