Get ready to let out an aw!

During the final exclusive sit-down for our one week of One Direction, singer Zayn Malik told Jason Kennedy during E! News' interview how he's keeping the romance alive with fiancée Perrie Edwards and that he's making sure to stay in shape for their big day.

"I do try to impress her still, I do try to do a bit of exercise," Malik told us. "I don't want to completely let myself go."

All together now—awww!

Zayn, along with his One Direction band mates, just wrapped their world tour, but the 20-year-old celeb tells E! News that it's not necessarily all bad to get away from the girls' screams for a bit.

"Sometimes it's quite refreshing to get a bit of time to just kinda chill and do your own thing. And we like to do just normal things when we're backstage, we just play video games and stuff like that."

What about the idea that Zayn had a "harder" time adjusting to fame, according to his lady Edwards? "I don't think it's necessarily I have a 'harder' time with it," Malik tells E! News.

"It's just something that took a bit of time for me to get my head around, which obviously is normal for anybody, I guess. It's not something that is a normal thing to be doing. So it took a bit of time for me to get used to it, but I am used to it now and it's fun. I'm having fun with it, so it's all good."

Catch more from this interview on E! News tonight at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m.

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