Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Domcheit-Berg, The Fifth Estate

Frank Connor/DreamWorks

Benedict Cumberbatch may be hot in Hollywood right now (in more ways than one), but even he couldn't help his latest project.

On paper, The Fifth Estate seemed promising—Cumberbatch, one of the biggest actors in the game right now was taking on the role of Julian Assange for a film about Wikileaks and the rise of a new kind of freedom of information. It was directed by Bill Condon, who won an Oscar for writing the film Gods and Monsters (which he also directed) and earned millions directing the last two Twilight films.

However, it still became the top movie flop of the year, according to Forbes.

Liam Hemsworth, Paranoia, Shirtless

Peter Iovino/Relativity Media

The article explains that The Fifth Estate only brought in $6 million at the global box office on a budget of $28 million (a 21 percent return), which doesn't include whatever DreamWorks and its owner, Disney, spent to market the film.

Ranking second is Bullet to the Head, which may sound unfamiliar since there wasn't a lot marketing to promote the film (there's something that may be to blame). With an estimate production budget of $25 million the movie brought in only $9 million at the global box office, a 36 percent return.

Third place on the list went to corporate thriller Paranoia, starring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and The Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth. Despite the big names, Robert Luketic's film earned $13.5 million at the global box office on a $35 million budget, a return of only 39 percent.

Here are the 10 biggest movie flops this year:

1. The Fifth Estate: 21 percent return
2. Bullet to the Head: 36 percent return
3. Paranoia: 39 percent return
4. Parker: 49 percent return
5. Broken City: 54 percent return
6. Battle of the Year: 55 percent return
7. Getaway: 58 percent return
8. Peeples: 60 percent return
9. RIPD: 60 percent return
10. The Big Wedding: 63 percent return

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