Paula Patton

Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

It's too bad Paula Patton didn't wear this dress on Halloween because it would make a pretty chic mummy costume.

Unfortunately, it's already Thanksgiving which means this Versace design is just a super weird style. We can't tell from this distance, but the fabric wrapping the 2 Guns star's arms might actually be toilet paper. If our extensive knowledge serves us, it's a one ply product, probably of the grocery store brand variety given the bright white color.

Kidding aside, we're not fans of this wrapped-up wear. The winter white may be gorgeous on the Baggage Claim actress' deep skin but the piece of V-shaped fabric at the neckline is a strange choice, the skirt is inches too short, and the body of the mini is a tad too tight.

Sorry Paula, but this one should get flushed down the toilet with the fabric that inspired it. Agree or disagree?

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What's your take on Paula's toilet paper dress?
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