Celebrity Voiceovers, Jon Hamm, American Airlines

American Airlines, Getty Images

Step aside juicy turkey legs and pumpkin pie. It's Black Friday and we have our minds on holiday shopping!

As we carefully decide what to get for everyone on our "nice" list, many Hollywood stars are appearing in commercials and voicing their support for a wide variety of products.

Jon Hamm thinks you should fly American Airlines this holiday season, while Benedict Cumberbatch wouldn't object to you driving off in a brand new Jaguar. Can we get a giant bow on top, please?

Queen Latifah lends her voice to Pizza Hut commercials at the same time Jeff Bridges urges consumers to choose Duracell batteries for all those fancy toys and gadgets.

In honor of the busy shopping season, we've compiled a list of stars who have loaned their voices (and support) to many established companies. Scroll through our gallery below and see if you recognize any of the famous voice-overs.

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