Ron Perlman, Sons Of Anarchy

Prashant Gupta/FX

Sons of Anarchy wasn't on tonight, in case you guys didn't notice. Not even a repeat. It is (almost) Thanksgiving, after all. But don't worry, creator Kurt Sutter did a Twitter Q&A so that (kind of) makes up for the lack of Sons tonight.

For those who were broken apart, devastated and various other feelings of anger and/or excitement after witnessing Clay's (Ron Perlman) death scene, you might be interested to know how Sutter felt while writing said scene. To him, it was just another day at the ol' office.

In a Twitter Q&A with fans, someone asked Sutter if it killed him when he wrote Clay's execution. His answer? "Just another day." Not that we expect anything less from Sutter. Of course he shrugs like it ain't no thing after killing off one of his main characters. Play on, Sutter. Play on.

Most of the notable stuff from Kurt's Twitter-fest mostly consist of things we can't copy and paste here, but there were some Sons' items that we fished from the murky waters. Highlights? Kurt plans on doing another series for FX, he thinks Brian from Family Guy is alive and there is hope for Tara (Maggie Siff) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam). Check out the "transcript" below:

@DaRealRian: Any plans for a new project after SOA or is it time for a break?
yes, i will hopefully be doing another show for FX.

@MsLDavison: is there going to be an Anarchy Afterword after the finale?
yes, and the first 9 minutes will be on-air, then go to the web

@adelanic0le: will jax ever find out the truth about his father?
he knows what happened, he just doesn't know gemma sanctioned it.

@Crimson_Doll: why does the homeless lady say she has 2 sons when she really has one daughter?
more to be revealed.

@DarthMaulrats: Which death was harder for you last week, Clay Morrow or Brian Griffin from Family Guy?
brian ain't dead. clay is.

@paezpaezpaez: it's been a long time since Jax lit a joint, did he quit?
charlie has stopped smoking so he only smokes when necessary

@meaghan92: is there any hope for Jax and Tara?
where there's love, there's hope.

@purseslinger: why only one more season?
the story will be over.

@dolcezza5: would you like to work w/ any of the same actors you've worked w/ from SOA?
a few. i won't name names.

@Steven_Rosati1: is it weird for @KateySagal kissing other guys right in front of you?
i love that s--t. but i like to watch.

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