Kristen Bell, Ellen DeGeneres

Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

For most couples, their wedding is usually followed immediately by a reception.

However, that was definitely not the case when Kristen Bell tied the knot with Dax Shepard in a spontaneous, low-key ceremony last month.

During an appearance on Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress recalls how her best friend Amy served as a witness when she and Shepard tied the knot at the Beverly Hills City Clerk's Office on Oct. 16.

"The interesting thing about that is her husband is an actor, Ryan Hansen, and I was going to work later that day and had a fairly intimate scene with him," says Bell. "So when I left my wedding I said to my best friend, 'Thanks for witnessing my wedding, I'm going to make pretend love to your husband.' And I did."

But the 33-year-old newlywed insists Shepard doesn't get jealous over such things.

"He's so open and honest and wants to talk about everything. He's like a girl," Bell quips. "No, he's super trusting and trustworthy. He could care less."

Meanwhile, when the couple's 8-month-old daughter Lincoln came up, Bell said "she's amazing and hilarious."

Asked by DeGeneres if she's going to keep her, the new mom playfully replied, "I think so. At this point, yeah."

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