Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Andrew Keegan

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Nemeses? Nah. Though they were both '90s teen heartthrobs, Andrew Keegan and Jonathan Taylor Thomas were more friends than frenemies. Speaking to Buzzfeed late last week, the Party of Five actor reminisced about his younger years and his surprise friendship with JTT.

"We actually worked on the same lot next to each other when I was doing Thunder Alley," Keegan said of Thomas, who retreated from acting in 2005 (save for two recent guest appearances on Tim Allen's ABC sitcom Last Man Standing). "We played basketball together—he was very short. There was a crew that kind of ran around with us."

"I do have one story about playing basketball with JTT," Keegan continued. "We were between shoots and he hit my tooth and knocked my tooth out. Not out, but he killed the root. At the time I didn't know, and then it started changing colors and I had to get a root canal."

Keegan—known for his roles in 10 Things I Hate About You, Camp Nowhere and 7th Heaven—said he "used to get like 2,000 letters a week" in his heyday. The actor tried his best to respond to each one, he added, "but there's just a point where you go to your mailbox that there's just two cartons of it. Who's got time?"

"I did have a literal shed of fan mail once," he shared. "I was literally filled with like 25 of those giant mail cartons. And I saved a few boxes."

Now 34, Keegan continues to find work on the big screen. He recently signed on to star in Living Among Us, a vampire movie that also features William Sadler and Esmé Bianco. "Jumping back in the game," he tweeted Oct. 29. "Time to VAMP it up woot woot!!!"

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