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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Monday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

How I Met Your Mother: Tonight, HIMYM fans we're gifted with a season nine peak: an entirely rhymed episode and the return of James Van Der Beek! Marshall couldn't get Marvin to fall asleep, so the soon-to-be judge decided that he would make up his own rhyming bedtime stories, starring our five favorites. The episode was definitely a clever one, however there were no new Mother-revelations. Boooo! Hiss!

On the upside, we did get another amazing appearance from Robin's old boyfriend Simon Tremblay and we learned, via flashback, that the Splish Splash Ottawa Water Slide Park employee was engaged and has really turned his life around. (Was his fiancé Lousie Marsh?! We need to know!) So Robin did what any sane, disgruntled, ex-girlfriend would do: She devoured his entire wedding cake… and then had her stomach pumped. You stay classy, Scherbatsky.


The Blacklist: Tonight was episode one of the epic two-part mid-season finale for the NBC hit and it was quite a whirlwind. One of the biggest bads out there, Anslo Garrick, has hated Red for years (it might have been the whole, Red shot him in the face thing) and he was determined to get his revenge tonight. Garrick lured Red to the FBI black site and then unleashed an army of his minions in hopes of hunting down Red.

However, Red was safely locked inside of a bullet-proof, impenetrable box, tending to Ressler's bullet wounds. In an attempt to lure Red out of his zoo-like captivity, Garrick threatened to kill Director Cooper. Although Red demanded to be set free so that he may save his body guard's life, the box remained firmly in place. Garrick pulled out Red's bodyguard and he and Red shared a tender moment through the glass of the box before Garrick killed him. The episode ended, but we saw that Liz has been captured by Garrick's men and we're sure that she will make excellent bait in next week's episode.

Hart of Dixie: Zade fans finally got a little lovin'! In tonight's midseason finale of Hart of Dixie, Wade got all hopped up on anti-anxiety meds to combat his fear of going to the dentist. So what did our hottie hunk do during his drugged up state? Wade planted the steamiest, sexiest, most OMG-iest kiss we've seen in a really long time on Zoe. Unfortunately, Zoe did not appreciate Wade's mouth-to-mouth gift. Stupid girl. So Zoe's negativity, combined with silly, "grow up," advice from Tansy, drove Wade straight into the arms of Vivian, Zoe's newly-discovered cousin. Grrrrr.

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Sleepy Hollow: Oh, baby! Thanksgiving arrived a bit early for our favorite historical mystery-seekers and the freshman drama dished out a healthy heaping of secrets. Bust out the cigars and grab a couple bottles because we discovered that Ichabod Crane—the man we all love so dear—was/is a father! That's right. While trapped in an ancient, colonial haunted house, Abbie had visions of a woman named, Grace, the home's African-American matron. And in one of said spooky visions, Abbie watched as Grace helped Katrina deliver a beautiful baby boy into the world.

We don't know what happened to Ichabod's son, but we will bet our all the marshmallows in our yams that we're going to find out later this season! Is that secret big enough for you? No? Well then listen to this: Abbie and Ichabod were sent a family tree that traced the ancestry Grace Dixon, Abbie's new ghost BFF.  Whilst admiring the many branches, Abbie noticed a very familiar name: Lori Roberts—aka Abbie's mother. And just like that, we discovered that Ichabod and Abbie's paths have been destined to cross for centuries.

Beauty and the Beast, Jay Ryan, Kristin Kreuk, Sendhil Ramamurthy

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Beauty and the Beast: Whoa. Let's get straight to it: On tonight's mid-season finale, Vincent refused to let Catherine's father get away with all the harm that he has caused. Despite Cat's pleas, Vincent fully embraced his hot, yet terrifying beast mode and lunged for daddy dearest. Unfortunately, Cat wasn't ready to say goodbye to her newly-discovered dad and she shot Vincent, mid-attck. Ouch! So the episode ended with a wounded Vince, Muirfield securely locked behind bars, and a majorly pissed-off Cat. In fact, our NYPD gal was so upset with her beastie beau that the broke off their relationship! Do you think she was too harsh?

The Voice: Hot damn! The competition on NBC's hit reality competition is really heating up as the top eight contestants took the stage tonight with one amazing performance after another. Although there were plenty of A-list renditions on tonight's sultry and soulful episode, three performances took our breath away.

Representing Team Adam, Tessanne Chin's cover of No Doubt's '90s rock anthem, "Underneath It All," was both heartwarming and unexpected, while Will Champlin's rendition of Etta James' "At Last" was spot on. And now it's time for the best of the best: Jacquie Lee from Team Christina, definitely made her mentor proud when she belted out a perfect version of Jackson 5's "Who's Lovin' You." Don't believe us? Check out her jaw-dropping performance below!

Line of the Night: There were oodles of Caskett goodies in tonight's episode of Castle, as our favorite newly-engaged couple tackled a touchy subject: Babies! Rick was a natural holding a 3 month bundle of joy that tied into this week's case, but Beckett admitted that she was not too thrilled with the idea of holding a little one. When Castle scoffed at his lady love's distaste for babies, she quickly countered with this gem of a line: "I'm sure I will feel differently when we have one of our own." Squee! A Caskett baby?! We vote: Yes, please!

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