Justin Timberlake Did Taylor Swift's Surprised Face…at Taylor Swift—You Have to See the GIF!

Both singers won big at 2013 American Music Awards last night and here is the only GIF you need to see

By John Boone Nov 25, 2013 6:59 PMTags
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Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake both won a lot of awards at last night's 2013 American Music Awards. How surprising! How shocking! For absolutely no one! Heck, Taylor Swift didn't even brush off her "surprised Taylor Swift face" when she won Artist of the Year.

But Justin Timberlake did do a "surprised Taylor Swift face" at Taylor Swift. And she did a "surprised Taylor Swift face" back. And they did it together. And somehow the Internet did not explode.

For a refresher, this is what Taylor Swift looks like when she's surprised ("surprised"):

And here is the only GIF you need to see from last night's AMAs:

And again. Soak in the nuance. That's a good "surprised Taylor Swift face."

We love it! Maybe at next year's AMAs (or the Grammys or VMAs or whatever), Taylor Swift can return the favor and rip off somebody's top to show off their boob, Justin Timberlake style!