Giada De Laurentiis, Today Show


Talk about a kitchen nightmare for Giada De Laurentiis.

After filleting her finger open with a knife during the Food Network's live Thanksgiving special on Saturday, the celebrity chef and Today contributor turned up on the NBC morning show to explain what happened exactly and how she was able to soldier on despite the mishap.

Today correspondent Tamron Hall kicked the segment off by asking for an update, at which point De Laurentiis held up her injured digit wrapped tightly in bandages.

"It's all right. It throbs a little bit," she said. "I did get stitches…I got several stitches on this little teeny finger. The problem is I sliced into my nail bed. And I think that was the issue…and you know, I love my manicures!"

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De Laurentiis explained that the mishap occurred during a commercial break when she was slicing a turkey to feed it to fellow kitchen stars Bobby Flay and Ina Garten.

"Unfortunately, I guess I just sliced through my finger at the same time," she told Hall. "When I realized it, I went to the sink to put pressure to see how big it was."

And that's' when she said she saw all the blood.

"I think everybody kind of freaked out. We don't do live television usually on Food Network. These things usually just get hidden," De Laurentiis noted. "[But this time] it couldn't get hidden."

In fact, the Food Network star subsequently offered up before and after pics of her bloody finger on her Instagram and Facebook page, which prompted thousands of get-well wishes from her fans.

When asked for, ahem, tips on how to avoid such cuts, De Laurentiis suggested that viewers hide their fingers when they're chopping things up and if they do nick themselves, apply pressure immediately.

We're glad she's okay.

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