James Franco, Conan O'Brien

Tiffany Roohani/Conaco

If you weren't already having nightmares about James Franco, well, sleep tight tonight. 

The actor-director-author-performance artist-film reviewer-soap opera star-guy who wishes he were gay-straight-up weirdo was on Conan and discussed fans who get his character from Spring Breakers, Alien, tattooed on their bodies. 

"That's like a segment within the intense Alien fans, the tattoo fans," he said. "There's the fans of the movie, then there's the fans who dressed up like Alien...for Halloween. There were a lot of them, they were really great! And then there's the ones that get the tattoo."

Here is a close-up of one he described as "so crazy."

James Franco, Tattoo

"We should be very careful about what we say, because that tattoo is not going away," Franco continued. "You can't ever say it's bad, because it's never going away. So be like, ‘Uh, yeah. OK. Thanks.'"

Hey, we have no pony in this race, so we'll say it: What the f--k was this person thinking?! That tattoo is terrifying. Sidebar: We will now be impersonating Alien for the rest of the day. "Look at mah s--t! I got shawts, err' color."

Watch the entire exchange: 

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