The Walking Dead

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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Sunday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The Walking Dead: Once again, this week's episode was a Governor-centric hour and we saw the ruthless side reawaken in our fearful leader. After reuniting with Martinez and bringing his newfound family to the new camp, The Governor quickly began to discover that nice guys really do finish last. And before you can say, "Walkers," the Governor killed Martinez and then man who was next in line to lead the small but mighty camp. 

With the Governor's quest for power back in full swing, we as the audience finally caught up to the scene we saw two weeks ago with our one-eyed "Brian" lusting after the Rick's home-sweet-home prison. And it looks like old grudges never die because in the final scene of the night we saw a furious Governor as he pointed his gun at a distant Machonne. Do you think his eye has made his aim better or worse?

Homeland: Carrie and Brody, reunited and it feels so good. Well, as good as it could feel while he was coming off a heroin addiction and she was trying to get him ready for the mission Saul was attempting to pull off before Lockhart takes over the CIA in nine days. So, not that great at all. But Saul managed to get more time for his mission by blackmailing Lockhart, who hired the man that was revealed to be dating Saul's wife only to keep tabs on the current CIA director in last week's episode. Sheesh, did you get all that? Saul snagged the pics, which means Saul now has the reins.

Eventually, Saul and Carrie got Brody off heroin and back into fighting shape (but it's not pretty). They shipped him off to Turan to pose as a revolutionary fighter in order to take out the man in charge and thus move Javadi (who is now working for the CIA) up the chain of command. Carrie didn't reveal her pregnancy to him—Nooooo!— but she did take Brody to see Dana who was working as a maid in crappy motel. Dana listened to him spout off about his innocence, but in the end she wanted nothing to do with him.

We did get a sweet moment between Carrie and Brody on the ride back to the base, where he basically told her he'll come back from the mission alive...for her. This is his redemption folks, but we are very worried about the likelihood that he comes back alive. (Hey, we're just being honest!) BTW, how incredible was Damian Lewis in tonight's episode? We'll answer that for you: He was flawless. 

Family Guy


Family Guy: Let us guess. You are currently wondering what a cartoon is doing in our daily OMG TV Moments post, aren't you? Well then, you must have missed tonight's crazy-balls episode! Hold onto your wine glasses, folks because on tonight's episode of Family Guy… Brian died! We're serious, y'all! To get all the shocking details, plus exclusive scoop from Family Guy's boss check out all the jaw dropping info right here!

The Mentalist: Holy freakin' crap! The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth was revealed on tonight's game-changing episode of The Mentalist. The real Red John was finally exposed and Jane got his sweet deadly revenge. To find out who killed Jane's family all those years ago, check out our post mortem that is packed with scoop on what's ahead from creator Bruno Heller and star Simon Baker.

Boardwalk Empire, Steve Buscemi

Macall B. Polay / HBO

Boardwalk EmpireThis season has been a whirlwind of bullets, head-bashes, and bromantic relationships, however tonight's season four finale of the HBO hit was surely one we won't forget. For the majority of this season, we were betting our entire Entourage collector's DVD's that Eli was going to die, and it was going to be his brother Nucky's hands. There was a death in tonight's finale, however it was not Eli.In a heartbreaking twist, fan-favorite character Richard Harrow was shot multiple times in the club and he died, alone, under the Atlantic City boardwalk. 

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