Abigail Breslin

John Sciulli/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company

Remember adorable, little Abigail Breslin, the girl who stole our hearts as "Olive," America's sweetest mini pageant queen? Well this is her now and from what we can tell, she's far from adorable, little or sweet.

Every former starlet goes through her own transformation from little kid to full-blown celeb, and if this midriff-baring goth-glam look is any indication, the Ender's Game star is smack in the middle of that journey.

But the truth is, we have to commend this maturing beauty for keeping it classy even with a lot more edge. The cropped top could show far more skin, her skirt is surprisingly long, and a sexy moto jacket keeps her fair arms covered. In a world where Miley Cyrus is mostly naked 99% of the time, this teen is keeping things far more sophisticated than sexy.

All that said, the sultry look on Abigail's face suggests she has way more tricks up her sleeves.

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