Miley Cyrus, Emma Thompson

Getty Images, Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Not long ago, Miley Cyrus was considered a role model for young girls around the world. Those days are long gone, as the "Wrecking Ball" singer has done anything and everything to prove she can't be tamed. While the 20-year-old pop star has received plenty of flak for her raunchy new image, actress Emma Thompson doesn't place the blame in Cyrus' hands alone.

"She made the choice of going hyper-sexual for a reason, and we're all responsible for that, because that's what we buy, and that's what we click on," the Saving Mr. Banks star tells the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "Those quick clicks are dangerous."

Thompson, 54, is deeply concerned about the influence social media has over her daughter Gaia, 13, and other teens across the globe. "There's no jurisdiction or protection," she explains.

The British film star even created a manual of sorts in an effort to give Gaia more direction. "I don't think she's ever looked at it," Thompson sighs. "She probably thought, 'Bless her. Good old Mum!' Thank God, this is a highly intelligent generation—and it needs to be, because it's exposed to things we simply were not exposed to. And we were exposed to all sorts of things."

According to Thompson, the Internet can be an especially dangerous place for teens if left unmonitored. "Particularly for the parental generation, it's a big concern," she says.

The actress adds that she's also concerned about young men who look at porn regularly, as many of them "cannot function sexually because they've lost the use of their imagination."

Though she's been working steadily for decades, Thompson plans to spend more time at home as Gaia gets older. "We haven't been absent," she says of herself and husband Greg Wise, "but I think it's important to be more present when she's 14, 15, 16 and so on."

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