Sons of Anarchy

Prashant Gupta/FX

It was a brutal week for TV fans as no less than three major deaths went down on popular shows.

Not only did Sons of Anarchy blow our minds (and our wallets, thanks to our skyrocketing therapy bills) by killing off one of the series' original members, Person of Interest also shocked fans by killing off a beloved series regular. Always one to join in on the fun, American Horror Story: Coven served up a major death. Oh, and Once Upon a Time may have also offed one of its main characters.

Of course, it wasn't only the deaths that had us gasping for air as The Mentalist finally revealed Red John's identity after six years(!), Arrow pulled off one truly impressive baby daddy reveal, Sleepy Hollow revealed the Horseman's true identity, and Scandal gave us a major Fitz and Olivia moment. (Thanks, Shonda Rhimes. Your check is in the mail!)

So let's all hop in our minivans, head to our local fast food joint ('Sup, Wendy's, JBCs?!) But should we supersize it?!


For more detailed play by plays of the big TV events that happened over the week, check out our Watercooler recap posts.

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