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The WB it just a coincidence that Scandal and The Americans, two of the best dramas on TV, both star Felicity alums? We think not!

While Keri Russell is busy kicking ass and taking names as a spy on The Americans, her former TV beau Scott Foley (or, as we really like to call him, Noel freakin' Crane!) is now wooing another Kerry (Washington) on ABC's hit Scandal. (Well, that is when he's not busy killing people as a B613 agent.) And after the slower pacing of Felicity and some of his other projects, Foley tells E! News reading the script for Scandal's next episode (airing Dec. 5) was basically a full body and brain workout.

"So much amazing, mindblowing stuff happens, I sent out a tweet after the table read that said I've been on television shows that had less story in the first 50 episodes than Scandal has in episode nine," Foley says. "I felt like I'd run a marathon after reading this script!"

But back to the important stuff: Felicity!

Now that Felicity and Noel are both back on TV (Thank you, TV Gods!) in such kickass roles, Foley tells us he'd love to stage a mini-reunion on The Americans.

"I would love to do a guest-starring thing on The Americans," Foley gushes. "We have so many shows that we watch, but my wife and I DVR that show. Oh my God, Keri Russell is amazing. Matthew Rhys is amazing. Noah Emmerich is amazing. The whole cast is fantastic, and the fact that's a period piece and they get to wear these f--king clothes and dress up...I mean, it's amazing."

[Insert mandatory "Foley totally has to guest star on The Americans just to tell Elizabeth to 'Stay in the United States or perish!' as a nod to Felicity" comment here.]

Unfortunately, Foley can't turn to Russell for help coordinating a possible guest appearance, as he confesses, "I don't have her cell phone number!"

So when's the last time he's chatted with his former onscreen love? Well, it's kind of a funny story.

"We spoke briefly, Keri and I; she called me out of the blue. She ran into someone that knew me and was at an event and she called me. It was like midnight," he recalls. "I was like, "What? Keri? What?" Like a couple of years ago and that was the last I've heard from her."

For more scoop on Scandal, watch our interview with star Dan Bucatinsky above!

Scandal airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

—Reporting by Farrell Roth

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