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Just us, or Revenge is totally back on track this season?

We are finding ourselves fully invested again in the majority of plotlines, particularly the biggest, over-arching mystery of the third season: Who shoots Emily (Emily VanCamp) on her wedding day? You do remember we saw her getting shot in the gut in a flash-forward in the season premiere, right?

Well, no big whoop. OK, totally big whoop, but we just found out who the shooter is (shhhhh!), and suffice to say, we are...Freaking. Out.

It quite honestly just might be the best Revenge twist to date, because the identity of Emily's shooter is someone you would never, ever guess. We are blown away. Kudos, Revenge writers!


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Here are five clues as to the shooter's identity:

  1. Someone who has always cared for Emily.
  2. Someone who seems to have nothing whatsoever to gain from her demise.
  3. Someone who is most definitely staying a part of the show beyond this season.
  4. Someone who many of the fans totally root for. 
  5. Someone whose relationship with Emily will be changed forever.

And now, the list of suspects:

  1. Nolan
  2. Charlotte
  3. Victoria
  4. Emily's father, David Clarke
  5. Emily's mother, Kara Clarke
  6. Daniel
  7. Jack
  8. Declan (back from the dead?)
  9. Ashley
  10. Patrick

Now, here's the fun part: For every 100 retweets of this story you all send out via Twitter (include the story link, @kristindsantos and #RevengeShooter for it to count—you must also be following @kristindsantos), we will knock one suspect off the list, until only 3-4 remain. So get busy, if you want to know!

The next episode of Revenge airs Sunday, and the wedding will take place in the series' winter finale. Revenge will then return on March 9, when it moves to 10 p.m. (New supernatural-toned series Resurrection will take Revenge's current 9 p.m. slot.)

Who do you think shoots Emily? Get tweeting! And guessing!

Update, Friday, Nov. 22 at 3:30 pm: Congrats! You have retweeted this link enough times to knock two suspects off the list. Our red Sharpie is crossing out..

  • Victoria
  • Emily's mother Kara

Keep retweeting to get more names eliminated! The next update will be Monday morning at 7 am. Don't forget to use #RevengeShooter in your tweets and follow @kristindsantos

Update,  Monday, Nov. 25 at 10:30 am: Nice work, tweeps! You have retweeted this link enough times to knock out another suspect. Our red Sharpie is crossing out...

  • Declan

Connor Paolo is still most definitely gone from the show and Declan is still most definitely dead (RIP, little buddy with an ever-changing accent!). Keep retweeting to get more names eliminated! Don't forget to use #RevengeShooter in your tweets and follow @kristindsantos. Get busy!

Update, Wednesday, Nov. 27 at 10:30 am: Your tweets are worthy! You fans have tweeted enough times to earn another name off the suspect list. The shooter is not:

  • Patrick

Keep RTing with #RevengeShooter and follow @kristindsantos! Our next update will be Monday, Dec. 2...If you get enough tweets! Then, as promised, we'll keep narrowing it down until only 3-4 suspects remain. Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to RT and spread the word!

Update, Monday, Dec. 2 at 1:30 pm: Busting out our Sharpie! We're crossing out:

  • Ashley

You need 100 more RT's to keep this game going and to bump off another suspect! Get on it! Tweet this story link and #RevengeShooter, and follow @kristindsantos! And while you're at it, throw in your theory on who pulls the trigger. We'd love to hear how wrong or right you are!

Update, Thursday, Dec. 5 at 11:30 am: Final reveal! Our Red Sharpie is crossing out...

  • Emily's father David Clarke

Even though we'd love to see James Tupper return to the show, we have no knowledge of his character being alive. So here's your new and final list of suspects.

  1. Nolan
  2. Charlotte
  3. Daniel
  4. Jack

So tell us. Are you fans freaking out a lot or a crap ton now? Yep. Us too! The shooter will definitely be shocking, since it is someone who is very close to Emily, and you'll have to wait til Dec. 15 when the wedding episode airs to see for yourself! In the meantime, check out these photos from the Wedding....

(Originally published Nov. 21 at 7 a.m. PT)

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