Niall Horan is really too cute.

That's probably how each story chronicling the exclusive interviews E! News' Jason Kennedy did with the individual members of One Direction will begin, but that's just the way it is.

First off, the 20-year-old Irish lad kicked off with a compliment, saying he watches the show every night, or as much as his schedule allows. (Which we believe, because how else would he keep up with everything Harry Styles is doing when he's not around?)

Niall also confirmed that he is not dating anybody right now, and he gave a hint as to what he's looking for in a girlfriend.

"You have to find the one who...just sees you as a normal person, which is exactly what I am, and just like you for who you are and not because I'm in One Direction," the "Best Song Ever" singer said.

It is probably quite difficult to weed out the more well-intentioned from the pack. And they do travel in packs.

Asked about his bumpy landing at Los Angeles International Airport this week, when he was knocked to the ground by an out-of-control pack of photographers, Niall acknowledged that the paparazzi can be "quite aggressive" in the U.S.

"I wasn't expecting it...there was loads of paps—50, 60 paps—and the fans were behind them," Niall recalled the incident, which occurred Tuesday. "They start pushing each other, which meant we got pushed. Then someone pushed me and dragged me to the floor, and then it was all a bit crazy and Zayn was being dragged around."

Niall Horan


So then why did the members of One Direction wind up feeling guilty?!

"We felt bad afterward 'cause we kind of let down the fans," Niall explained, "but it was actually the paps' fault 'cause they're weirdos."

Fair enough. But overall though, he said, none of his mates are having too much trouble getting used to the fame and attention.

"I don't think anyone's finding it really hard," Niall said. "We just keep ourselves to ourselves and go with it. These guys [the paparazzi] have got a job to do and got money to make and families to feed, which is totally fine, but it's the way you go about it is the thing."

Tuesday's run-in with the paps will most likely not be the last for 1D, but here's hoping all five are left standing next time.

Tune in for more exclusive chats with the members of One Direction all this week on E! News at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m.

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