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"There are too many secrets between us, brother. Far too many."

In an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's episode of the CW's breakout hit Reign, things get pretty awkward between the main trio after last week's hot kiss between Bash (Torrance Coombs) and Mary (Adelaide Kane), which they don't know Francis (Toby Regbo), his brother and her fiancé, just so happened to see.

In the video, Bash, Francis and Mary have a little powwow, but not about the romantic entanglements currently going on between the three of them; no, Bash finally tells them about what's been going on in the woods. "The people of this faith, they claim that I owe them a debt," he explains of interrupting their sacrifices, adding that if he doesn't choose someone to offer up, they will choose a new sacrifice for him. Of course, they set their sights on Mary, "because somehow they've got the idea that threatening you is a good way to get to my brother," Francis (quite passive-aggressively) says.

But does Francis finally let on to Bash and Mary that he knows about their kiss?

While Francis is taking his sweet time revealing to Mary and Bash that he witnessed their first (drunken) kiss, telling Bash "there are far too many secrets" between them in the sneak peek, his jealousy will rear its (cute) head soon.

"Francis doesn't let on right away that he's seen that, so he allows them to kind of tip-toe around it for a little while and watches us try and cover it up," Coombs recently told us. "Then he allows his emotions to get the better of him and he sends me off on a dangerous mission, let's say. As a result, nothing is ever really the same between us again because we realize the emotions we're all tangled up in are putting us in danger."

With the heretics making a threat against Mary, Bash will face a very difficult moral dilemma in tonight's episode. "It comes time for him to step up to the plate and make some very difficult decisions. He's caught between a rock and a hard place and he's going to have to do some really terrible things in the next episode," Coombs previewed. "He's faced with the choice between killing an innocent or allowing Mary to die. So we're in a place with tremendous moral strife. There's no good decision and things get very tough."

Pagan sacrifice, just your average storyline on a CW drama. (Love you so hard, Reign.)

Reign airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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