Costco, Bible

AP Photo; calebwilds/Twitter

In the beginning a Costco in Simi Valley, Calif. mislabeled "a small percentage" of Bibles as fiction. Now the CostCo was vast and filled with saving, samples spread throughout the store, and Caleb Kaltenbach, pastor of Simi's Discovery Church, was hovering over the Bibles.

3 And Caleb tweeted, "Costco has Bibles for sale under the genre of FICTION Hmmmm......," and there was "Hmmmm." His followers saw that the Bible was marked fiction, and threatened to boycott. Churchgoer Shellie Dungam said onto KTLA, "I was completely offended. I believe the Bible is real and it shouldn't be marked fiction."

Caleb said "On the one hand Christians should not yell out ‘persecution.' We aren't living in Iraq or Iran." And also said "But on the other hand, I believe that we do need to stand up for our faith and we need to be vocal about our concerns."

So CostCo apologized to mankind for their mistake, for their mistake they apologize to them; male and female they apologized to them. CostCo apologized to them and said to them, "We deeply regret the mislabeling of the Bible and meant no offense to anyone. The buyer has let us know that this was an error and the books are being pulled off the shelves to be re-marked."

Then CostCo said, "We take responsibility and should have caught the mistake. We are correcting them this with them for the future. We greatly apologize for this error." And it was so.

10 Caleb saw all that he had made ("It caused a lot of controversy, it's caused a lot of conversation"), and it was "good". And there was an appearance on Elizabeth Hasselback's Fox News show and he said it "probably was a mistake, I have no idea."

11 Love is patient, love is kind... 12 It [...] is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 13 Love forgives CostCo when they made a mistake and accidentally mislabeled Bibles as fiction. 

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