Jennifer Lawrence

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

We realize this is a bold call, especially since Jennifer Lawrence has far more The Hunger Games: Catching Fire press to do, but we're going to go ahead and say this is the most chic she's ever looked. Yes, ever.

There's something about a sexy overcoat with a mini dress that says power woman, and on this Academy Award winner, it packs even more of a punch. We know J.Law is en route to a Good Morning America appearance in this perfect getup, and we wouldn't be surprised if she left with an offer for the head anchor job!

So what is it that makes this look work so well? We think it's a combination of three things:

1. That coat. The camel color, tailored fit and over-sized buttons are absolute perfection. Plus, the America Hustle star knows to wear it open for a sexy effect.

2. The winter white mini. Cream and khaki are a classic America combo, but in this short length the shift dress is anything but boring.

3. Perfect pumps. A T strap makes any foot look gorgeous, plus this black and white combo picks up the dark details on the outerwear.

We're not sure if this ensemble would be quite as perfect sans the chicest short haircut of all time, but luckily we don't have to guess. And with that, we'll stop gushing about our girl crush...for now.

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