Josh Duhamel, Fergie

Make no mistake about it, being a parent is very rewarding. But sometimes, it can be a tough job.

New mom Fergie appeared on HuffPost Live on Wednesday, Nov. 20, and shared a grossly relatable story about her husband Josh Duhamel's recent eye-opening experience with their son, Axl.

"My husband, he got, sharted on, I guess you could say," the singer revealed with a huge laugh when asked about the best thing her boy has done during the past few months. "And I watched it happen and it was pretty amazing."

We have to agree with you, Fergie. Axl pooping on his dad sounds pretty unbelievable.

All jokes aside, the 38-year-old is "back to working out" and settling into a new routine with the "light of her life."

"I'm a scheduler, I'm a planner, so I would schedule the time to spend with him for learning time," the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman said. "What I didn't realize is his feeding times change every day. So I just really have to live more spontaneously and just, kind of, when he's ready to learn and be fed and he's ready to react and respond to me—he's first priority—and my emails will have to wait."

And what about a sibling for their 3-month-old?

"I don't know if you're ever ready for a child, but we definitely want to have another," Fergie said. "It's not happening right this second, but in the future yes, for sure."

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