Sam Claflin, Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Jennifer Lawrence was worried about the potential "camel toe problem" her wetsuit in The Hunger Game: Catching Fire might cause, but her costar Sam Claflin was more concerned about the thong he was asked to wear underneath his. The 27-year-old Brit recalled his wardrobe woes during a Wednesday, Nov. 20, appearance on E!'s Chelsea Lately.

"I just remember walking into my trailer for the costume fitting and it was hanging up. I was like, 'What's that? What is that? That's a poor excuse for a bit of underwear,'"Claflin said of the butt floss. "I did put it on. I wore it for a few days."

Host Chelsea Handler then told her guest about a pair of long-lasting underwear she came across in Africa. "Could you imagine wearing a pair of underwear for six weeks?" she laughed.

"The sight of me in the thong was probably worse, though," Claflin replied.



Claflin and costar Josh Hutcherson were asked to wear thongs underneath their wetsuits to prevent visible panty lines. Of course, there were other reasons the boys didn't go commando.

"I did a scene with the woman I carry for most of the film, who I'd say is in her 60s or 70s maybe, and my leg had to be around her up against the chair that she was sitting on. And I definitely felt poppage," he admitted. "And the whole time I was thinking, 'God, she's just starting right at [my erection]. Then I decided I could not go with the thong anymore."

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