Daniel Radcliffe to Celebs on Twitter: Don't Tweet & Expect People to Respect Your Privacy

"Also, I don't have Twitter and I don't have Facebook and I think that makes things a lot easier," the actor said.

By Bruna Nessif Nov 21, 2013 2:24 AMTags
Daniel RadcliffeFameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

To all of the stars on Twitter, listen up—Daniel Radcliffe has an important message for you.

During an interview with Sky News, the Harry Potter actor shared that he prefers to stay out of the limelight and explained that "there's certain things you can do to make it a lot easier on yourself."

Like what, you ask? Well, Radcliffe gave a few examples. "If you don't, for instance, go to premieres that aren't for a film you're in, or don't just turn up at other events and stuff like that, then that's going to help to not fuel the interest," he said.

Radcliffe then stated that he stays off of social media, and noted that celebs who are active on Twitter and constantly updating fans with their every move cannot be angry at their lack of privacy.

"Also, I don't have Twitter and I don't have Facebook and I think that makes things a lot easier," the actor said, "because if you go on Twitter and tell everybody what you're doing moment to moment and then claim you want a private life, then no one is going to take that request seriously."

The 24-year-old celeb also spoke about being a childhood star and how it affected his lifestyle growing up. "When I was 18 or 19 there was definitely a level of frustration around... I did have to think where I went more than a lot of my friends and you do get a little frustrated around that age, but ultimately it's childish, petulant—oh I want that too," he said.

"People always say to me, 'Do you feel like you missed out on a childhood? Do you feel like you had your childhood taken away?' And I'm like: 'No, what a ridiculous, like, kids who are abused have their childhoods taken away from them.'"

Radcliffe is currently working on the second series of A Young Doctor's Notebook on Sky Arts 1 alongside Jon Hamm, and was recently cast as Olympian Sebastian Coe in Gold.