Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall Put Their "Bitter Feud" to Rest, Share Stories of Drinking With Dogs—Watch Now!

Coming to America costars laugh over reports claiming the two had a falling out, and share the story of Murphy getting drunk and having a heart-to-heart with a dog.

By Bruna Nessif Nov 20, 2013 10:09 PMTags

Wait, Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy were feuding?! That's the same response the A-list actor had, too.

The late-night talk show host invited his Coming to America costar and longtime pal to the show last night, and addressed their alleged falling out right away. "We stopped our bitter feud, just for tonight," Hall said.

That prompted Murphy to ask, "What bitter feud?" Arsenio responded, "Oh, see, you don't read all that stuff," to which Eddie asked again, "We're having a feud?"

Arsenio said, "Yes, the tabloids said we're having a bitter feud."

"Oh, I don't read the tabloids. I really don't, I don't read any of that s--t," Murphy simply said.

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Apparently, reports began surfacing in March that the pair's friendship hit a rough patch after Murphy allegedly refused to go on Arsenio's new show. Clearly, that's not the case.

Since that rumor was debunked and now out of the way, Arsenio Hall continued to share a funny tale from the old days, specifically about a night when the host convinced Murphy, who doesn't drink alcohol, to have a drink.

"It was a tough day, tough day of shooting, and I said, 'You need a drink,' because he doesn't drink…and I got him to try vodka and orange juice which is called a screwdriver…," Hall began to explain before Eddie interjected, "Not 'try,' I don't drink. This n---a got me some…he had a fifth of Stolis Vodka and we drank that s--t and the story ended horribly."

Hall continued, "Yeah, but for two hours the party was crazy! It was a house full of people, and at one point, you had a conversation with a dog. A dog named Val. Remember the dog? And you just talked to the dog…"

"I don't remember talking to the dog," Murphy said.

Arsenio explained, "You were on your kitchen floor, and you said, 'Val, I trust you.'"

Then things got messy.

Watch the clip above to see more of Eddie Murphy's interview with Arsenio Hall!

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