Bethenny, Countess Luann De Lesseps


Luann de Lesseps apparently didn't get real enough for Bethenny Frankel on The Real Housewives of New York City—and that's the reason they had issues, according to the ex-Housewife of the pair.

"When I've had other kind of falling-outs with people on television, it kind of it is what it is, I really meant it," Frankel explained to de Lesseps during their recent sit-down, airing Thursday on Bethenny. "It's what happened. With you, we met in the beginning and I remember us going out and we had a great time...I always thought you were really cool and your platform was 'The Countess' and you were writing a book on being appropriate and you had stuff going on in your personal life—and I had stuff going on in my personal life—so when we would be we would kind of have a certain dynamic."

OK, so Bethenny thought LuAnn was amazeballs at first. What went wrong?

"Then we are on the camera," Bethenny recalled, "and since your thing was how to be appropriate, I would always feel like, 'Yeah, but what about some of that other stuff we talked about?' I would always feel like we couldn't have a really honest friendship on the show. Does that make any sense what I am saying?"

So Bethenny didn't like that LuAnn wasn't always a hot mess?

"Like, you were going through some difficult times personally," the talk show host, who left RHONY in 2010, continued, "and I knew about that and we kind of went through some of that.

"And we couldn't go through it on the show, but we together we went through a lot of my stuff on the show and things that I wasn't doing that were appropriate, dating-wise, and I always felt I kind of wanted to say to you, 'Well what about what you're doing?' But I couldn't, because you have kids and it was a different story so I felt it wasn't a level playing ground."

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"Just because you are doing a reality show doesn't mean you have to lay out all your laundry," LuAnn finally managed to interject.

"But I always did!" Bethenny insisted. "Different strokes."

"Which is fine," LuAnn added. "You didn't have a family to protect and children to protect [at the time]."

"Exactly. I totally get it," Bethenny agreed. "And it's difficult for you because being the Countess and having etiquette be your platform...can be difficult."

To which LuAnn replied, "Honey, good manners never goes out of style."

Well, Bethenny forgives her anyway.



"You know what I'm saying, telling people how to appropriately act, you know that was our thing—but I am good with you, I am straight with you," the host informed her guest, apparently forgiving her for not always being up for losing it on camera. "I am happy you are here. I am happy for you, I love your family. I just wanted to say I totally want to move on from anything negative we may have had."

"Excellent, I like the sound of that," LuAnn agreed.

Meanwhile, things remain a little chilly over on the West Coast among one current and one possibly soon-to-be former Housewife.

Kim Richards may "actually like" Carlton Gebbia—unlike sister Kyle Richards, who's had "a lot of little problems" with their new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmatebut Kim hasn't yet found a way to mend fences with Lisa Vanderpump.

Asked if Lisa was really going to be leaving the show (she claims she is not quitting the series), Kim told E! News last night at the L.A. premiere of Frozen, "I don't know anything about the rumors, you know. I do know that Lisa and I...really aren't getting along that well right now. She hasn't been that great of a friend to myself."

And if she goes?

"I wouldn't miss her that much," Kim smiled, hand to her heart in mock-concern. "She hasn't really been that great of a friend to me."

Lisa Vanderpump, Kim Richards, RHOBH

Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

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