The Tomorrow People, Robbie Amell, Peyton List, Luke Mitchell

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Advice: Don't blink while watching The Tomorrow People.

Seriously, the CW's new drama is moving at such a breakneck speed that we're almost concerned that it will run out of story by episode 10. Of course, they won't (So relax!), but after talking to star Robbie Amell, it's clear The Tomorrow People isn't taking their time with any of its major storylines, a bold and awesome decision.

In last week's episode, Stephen (Amell) and Cara (Peyton List) went from will-they-or-won't-they to holy-crap-they-did, taking the love triangle from slow burn to full-throttle...the keyword being throttle because that's exactly what John (Luke Mitchell) will do when he finds out about the pair's hot hookup.

Viewers weren't the only ones surprised by how fast Stephen and Cara went from first kiss to first time in a single episode, with Amell telling us, "Peyton and I were both super surprised. We were talking about it, but Greg [Berlanti] is very smart and he's incredibly talented and he knows what he's doing, and he said if you've got something great, use it, and then figure out something else great to use later. He was like, 'Don't save things, because you never know if you'll get to show them.'"

And the show won't wait long to show Stephen and John's first "awkward" encounter post-hookup. "The very first time we see each other post-hookup is a bit of an awkward conversation," Amell teased. "John doesn't know yet, and then once John finds out, he has a little bit of payback, and then they just have a full, old-fashioned fistfight."

But before his first awkward encounter with the other guy, Steven will have to endure a less-than-ideal morning after with Cara. "The beginning of the episode picks up the morning after with Cara and I waking up in our hotel room, and I think this is the start of our relationship, and she shuts it down faster than it began," Amell previewed. "So she goes back to John, and she has to figure out how to tell him, and they have to work things out together, and I just feel like crap." (Um, you did break bro code rule number one, dude!)

And just because The Tomorrow People hit fast-forward on Cara and Stephen's romance, don't think his relationship with BFF Astrid will be a slow build. "You learn a lot about that in episode seven," Amell said. "Stephen and Astrid have a little bit of a heart-to-heart and you learn a little bit about their feelings toward each other."

But the episode won't be all teen angst and romance as Stephen will have a bit of fun with his powers (leading to a Teen Wolf-esque basketball sequence). Well, before they get taken away from him by his Ultra boss and uncle Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino), of course. But Stephen without powers is "still as hard-headed and hot-headed," Amell explained. "Even though he knows the Tomorrow People have powers, he also knows that they can't kill, so even without his powers, he goes right after John in the fist fight." Oops, maybe Cara should've told Stephen John actually can kill?! "She definitely should have," Amell said with a laugh.

While the mystery surrounding Stephen's father Grayson has taken a backseat in the first half of the season, fans can expect to get answers soon. Like, really, really soon.

The Tomorrow People, Robbie Amell, Peyton List

Jack Rowand/The CW

At the end of episode seven, you meet my dad for the first time," Amell revealed. "Not in a flashback, and it sets up to be the catalyst for episodes eight and nine and really the rest of the season."

And Stephen will interact with his father, as Amell teased, "He has a small scene. I find my dad at the end of episode seven...I can't tell you where he was, but you see him for a moment."

Like we said: Don't blink.

The Tomorrow People airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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