"Name something you know about zombies."

As far as tricky Family Feud questions go, this one wasn't. Tricky, that is. At all.

Which is why this woman's terrible answer stands out from every other terrible answer:


It might have been a brain fart. Sure, those usually happen in the Fast Money round when you're asked "What is the best number?" and you're like "WTF Steve Harvey, there are literally unlimited options to that answer, just ask me to name a type of fruit." It might have been a brain fart, if she hadn't tried to make it better by saying, "I don't know if they're white or...!" 

Here is every answer to that question we can think of right now, off the top of our head.

They're dead.

They eat brains.

They move slowly.

They're scary.

They're not real.

And that was without really trying.

Zombies are like all of usthey come in every color of the rainbow.

Mostly like, greenish and rotting though. There's another one:

Their flesh is rotten.

(Originally published November 20, 2013, at 4:23p.m. PT)

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