WWE Diva Ariane Andrew Freaks Out After Stepping in Dog Poop—Watch the Clip!

By Jeffrey Wisenbaugh Nov 19, 2013 11:45 PMTags
Watch: Ariane Steps in Poop and Goes Off

Being a WWE Diva is a busy and hectic roller coaster of a career. So after a long week of traveling and kicking butt in the ring, we assume Divas want to come home to some peace and quiet. Ariane Andrew came home to the exact opposite.

In this deleted scene from Sunday's Total Divas, Ariane walks through the door of her apartment and is scolded by her live-in boyfriend, Vincent Isayan, for not bringing food home. As she walks closer to him, something happens that quickly escalates the situation...

Ariane steps in poop left on the carpet by her Chihuahua, Glitty.

Vincent starts laughing at the poop on Ariane's shoe, which lights her already short fuse. The WWE Diva has been working on some anger issues and in previous Divas episodes, admits that it's a problem that she needs to fix.

Ariane and Vincent's relationship has been rocky in the past and this whole situation is not helping them mend their love.

Watch the clip above to see the dramatic exchange!

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