Kmart, Joe Boxer, Christmas Ad


Their jingle bells are their jingle balls, apparently?

That's the takeaway we got from Kmart's new holiday commercial for their "Show Your Joe" campaign, which features men in boxers performing "Jingle Bells" just by shaking their junk.

Here is how Kmart describes the ad:

The song says "Jingle all the way". We take that seriously. Ring in the holidays this year with Joe Boxer from Kmart. 

Which makes no sense. But OK! These dudes have nice legs! We're all in!

Reaction to the commercial has been split though. Kmart's Facebook has been flooded with comments, such as the following: 

"No, I don't ‘like' ! In fact, I'm glad you don't have a store near me! I don't like the Joe Boxer commercial, either!!!!! The first time I saw it, I felt dirty. I turned the channel as quickly as I could. Maybe, you're advertising for the wrong store ! If I want to see a man dress and move that way, I'll either have him over to my house or go to a place where this action is done for a fee. For crying out loud.....TAKE THE COMMERCIAL OFF THE AIR. I'm definitely adding you to my "don't shop there" list. Inappropriate actions like your's SHOULD NOT BE AWARDED!! GO TO CONFESSION."

Unfortunately, if Kmart takes the ad off the air, this horny grandma will have nothing to look forward to in life:

"LOVED the Boxer commercial !!!! I am a 66 year young grandmother !!!!"

The ad directs viewers to the hashtag #ShowYourJoe, but so far nobody has posted Twitpics, Instagrams, Vines, whatever of themselves playing jingle bells with their own penises. Hey hot Kmart shoppers. You're doing it wrong. Fix this.

(H/T Daily Hits and Flicks)

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