Edward Furlong's Lobster Cause

American History X star busted for public drunkenness after he snatched lobsters from a supermarket tank

By Sarah Hall Sep 17, 2004 7:10 PMTags

Edward Furlong got unlucky in Kentucky this week.

A rowdy run-in with some supermarket crustaceans landed the Terminator 2 star behind bars Wednesday night, according to a police report posted on TheSmokingGun.com.

On location in Florence, Kentucky, to shoot the film Jimmy & Judy, Furlong apparently made his way to the local Meijer grocery store at around 11 p.m. with several friends.

Inside the supermarket, the actor and his buddies began yanking live lobsters out of the store's display tank for reasons that were not made clear.

When store employees asked them to stop, Furlong and his friends "began to argue with management," according to the police report, prompting store workers to call in Florence's finest to defuse the situation.

When the police arrived, they noted that Furlong was slurring his words and seemed "unsteady on his feet and [had] the smell of alcoholic beverage on his breath," according to the police report.

The officers ordered Furlong to turn around so they could frisk him, but the Pet Sematary II star began twirling around in circles instead, according to the report.

The police were apparently not amused and proceeded to book Furlong on a misdemeanor count of public intoxication. The actor cooled his heels behind bars for a scant three hours before he was bailed out by his Jimmy & Judy director, Jon Schroder.

Furlong was reportedly back on the film's set Thursday. His arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 1 in Boone County District Court.

While Furlong is known to be active in the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, it's unclear whether he was trying to liberate the lobsters as part of his PETA platform.

The actor is a vegetarian and has refused to wear leather in photo shoots in the past.

Furlong's not the only T2 star making headlines this week. On Tuesday, Linda Hamilton, who played his Terminator mom, revealed that she was bipolar and had battled the disease for many years.

Neither Hamilton nor Furlong returned to partner with Arnold Schwarzenegger for last year's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Aside from his role in Jimmy & Judy, Furlong has several projects in the works. He recently completed the film Wicked Prayer, the fourth installment in The Crow franchise, opposite David Boreanaz and Tara Reid.

He'll also be seen (though perhaps not by many) in the upcoming horror film El Intermedio, in which he stars with Amber Benson and Cerina Vincent. The film is currently in post-production and is expected to unspool later this year.

Finally, Furlong will star in the upcoming comedy-thriller, Cruel World, opposite Jaime Pressly and Sanoe Lake. The film is slated for a 2005 release.