Dina Manzo, Lisa Wu Hartwell, Lynne Curtin


Lavish parties, fancy cars and closets the size of your entire apartment!

Yep, it must be nice to live the rich and famous lifestyle of a star in Bravo's Real Housewives crazy-successful franchise. But here's the question that keeps us up in the wee hours of the night: What happens when these ladies leave their hit reality shows? Do the pearls and diamonds still shine just as bright without the camera crew lights? (Well, yes. They probably do.)

To help ease your Bravo-loving minds, we did some digging to discover what your favorite former reality starlets have been up to since leaving the limelight. From Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong, to New Jersey's Danielle Staub and Orange County's Lynne Curtin, find out how the lost housewives have been living their lives after their dabble in the dramatic series.

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